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New literary/arts contest offers $1,000 first prize
for original works that imagine a world already made sustainable

PROVINCETOWN, MA (November 8, 2017): and The Cape Cod Center for Sustainability, two Cape Cod organizations partnering on a new literary/arts contest, are seeking hopeful visions of our sustainable futures.

First place in the Future Histories contest is $1,000, while the second place prize is $500.
The winners will imagine our world already made environmentally and socially sustainable and, importantly, outline the key steps (real and/or imagined) we took globally to get there. The goal is to showcase future generations that are thriving with the smart innovations, choices and sacrifices we made, however politically, behaviorally or technologically challenging they were.

All finalists will get free all-events passes to the inaugural Broto Conference, where artists and scientists will convene May 4-6, 2018 in Provincetown, to address collaborative approaches to human-accelerated climate change.

Broto Contest

The contest’s window runs Nov. 8, 2017 through Feb. 15, 2018. Winners, selected by a jury, will be announced in March 2018. While the contest is set up for 1,000-word written submissions, the organizers are open to other mediums of expression such as, but not limited to, photography, video, art and dance.

“In a 1994 speech to ecological economists, the late, great systems thinker Dana Meadows said that hardly anyone envisions a sustainable world as one that would be wonderful to live in,” says Ian Edwards, director of the Broto Project. “She called it a failure of vision, and now so many years later, we want to engage artists, scientists and others globally to submit their visions of a world already made sustainable and, importantly, how we got there. We’re excited to see the future.”

The contest is open to anyone, anywhere with an imagination and a vision for a sustainable future. There is no cost to enter. See

“We want to explore ‘what’s next?’ in sustainability and new ways to look at our world through the lens of achievement versus struggle,” says Allen Larson, chair of The Cape Cod Center for Sustainability (SustainCapeCod). “We hope that work will be submitted early so that we can start publishing and start the discourse on the ideas.”

About Broto: The Broto Project is a collaboration of the Center for Coastal Studies Provincetown, Provincetown Art Association & Museum and The Cape Cod Center for Sustainability. It is dedicated to mutual, substantive, real-time and credible collaborations between artists and scientists.


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