Broto's name: potential, legacy, life

Among the questions about “Broto” as a new event and vision for an online community, is “What does Broto mean?”

Even if you do speak Portuguese, you might want to know.

At the top level, Broto means sprout, derived from Portuguese.

If you think of a sprout — just emerging from a seed full of potential — you understand Broto, the brand: The surprising and sometimes unexpected combination of genes, the legacy and road map of DNA, and, with a little encouragement and favorable conditions, life.

At the time we were developing Broto as the first collaboration of The Provincetown Art Association & Museum and the Center for Coastal Studies Provincetown, the town was gearing up planning for its 400th colonial anniversary in 2020. A key part of Provincetown history, with all of its many incarnations, was that of Portuguese fishing colony. The fishing is gone as an industry of depleted resources, but the Portuguese culture is alive and well. Our project wanted to capture just a little of that vibrancy.

And, as serendipity happens, the .eco Internet brand was being launched globally mere weeks later. A simple email for an early shot at the .eco suffix for new websites was successful — in fact, Broto is a .eco champion with a generous two-year grant on registration. has a nice symmetry.

As a brand, Broto has global aspirations — taking its brand of collaboration around the world. We wanted a brand that could grow with outreach and retain its core elements: potential, legacy and life.