Conference Satisfaction Survey Results |

Broto Attendee Satisfaction Survey: The results are in

About half of our registered attendees answered the post-conference survey in the two weeks following the May 4-6 inaugural Broto: Art, Science & Collaboration Conference. Our thanks to our survey respondents.

For transparency, here are the results. Most were very positive, but we definitely have a few things to work on.


  • 94% of attendees were somewhat or very satisfied with our first conference
  • 88% of attendees said the conference met their expectation either very or extremely well
  • 82% of attendees rated the conference as either high or very high in quality
  • 94% of attendees said there are very or extremely likely to return to a future conference.

Conference attributes:

  • 100% of respondents thought the conference was “relevant”
  • 77% of respondents thought the conference was “original”
  • 77% or respondents thought the conference was “informed”
  • 59% of respondents thought the conference was “organized”
  • 35% of respondents thought the conference was “effective”

For context, attendees were also given the opposite terms as choices in the survey. For instance, no one thought the conference was “ineffective”, only that the term “effective” was less apt for their experience of our first conference.

Positive Comments? 

  • “Great, interactive group of participants.”
  • “A remarkable community of creative thinkers!”
  • “Wide ranging, multi-disciplinary expertise and thoughtful, engaged audience.”
  • “It was a dynamic group that seems sincerely motivated to try to do something new and meaningful.”
  • “The speakers were fabulous.”

Less good?

  • The [Collaboration Blueprint] document is too loose of an idea.”
  • “More opportunities to discuss and work together during the event.”
  • “Clarity of goals, language”
  • “More break time”
  • “In the future, we should begin to get more specific about projects and goals.”

Social events:

Respondents could rate the social events on a scale of Excellent to Poor with weighted averages of 5 being Excellent and ratings of 3 being average. Roast! Comedy was deemed “almost” excellent, while the preceding dinner and the opening party were deemed a little better than average. We’ll work harder on the social stuff.

  • Roast Comedy 4.71
  • Roast Dinner 3.53
  • Broto Opener 3.35


  • 75% rated  Panel 1: Using Art to Inform Science either above average or excellent
  • 87% rated Panel 2: Merging Art and Science Methodologies either above average or excellent
  • 57% rated Panel 3: Imagining a World Already Made Sustainable either above average or excellent
  • 62% rated Panel 4: Worlds Collide either above average or excellent

Broto attendee’s profile:

  • 71% of attendees were from out of Provincetown
  • 57% identify as male, 36% identify as female and 7% identify as other
  • 69% of attendees are over 50 years of age
  • 54% of attendees have annual household incomes of $75,000 to $150,00 per year
  • 57% of attendees have graduate degrees, while 21% have PhDs or post-doctorate degrees