Broto Vision-Mission-Theory of Change: A report back from Broto 2 Conference |

One outcome from Broto: Art, Science & Collaboration’s second conference hosted in Provincetown, MA in May 2019 is development of a structure for the program that gives stakeholders a sense of our (aspirational) vision, our (strategic/tactical) mission and our (inspirational) theory of change.

What follows is a briefing document on that work, plus an update on other priorities and a sneak peak at Broto Conference 3. 

Collaboration, comments and questions are welcome.


Broto’s Vision: The global community has embraced aggressive climate action and global GHG emissions have peaked and begin steadily declining by 2030


Broto’s Mission: To address the ongoing complex climate crisis by fostering innovative collaborations that bridge the domains of artists, scientists, business leaders, politicians and activists to create new ways of co-creation, and inspire people, organizations and governments to take meaningful action to address climate change at scale and with urgency


Broto’s Theory of Change: Climate change is the most pressing issue facing humanity and successfully addressing it requires new ways of thinking, new collaborations and the ability to touch both hearts and minds. Art can help inform science and such an open-minded approach to collaboration brings together the creativity of artistic pursuits together with the rigor and discipline of science. Change at scale can only come from innovative approaches to the complex issue of climate change. Broto will unlock these novel approaches to climate action.

Call to Action           

Broto needs to clearly articulate how artists, scientists, politicians, business leaders, citizens and others can help achieve its vision. To that end, we need a range of activities that appeal from those who are aware of Broto to those who are its evangelists, contributors and funders.

Join our community: Be a collaborator

  • Follow us on social media
  • Attend the conference

Grow the movement: Encourage collaboration

  • Share our social media content
  • Invite a speaker (speaker bureau)
  • Donate to Broto

Take action: Make collaboration happen

  • Launch a new project (do a collaboration)
  • Propel an existing project (act as the observer)
  • Be an activist


Organizational Status as of June 2019 

  • Broto: Art, Science & Collaboration completed its second annual conference and, again, started animated debate about how art and science might collaborate on climate change remedies at scale with innovation.
  • Broto is a program of the 501c3 Cape Cod Center for Sustainability.
  • An advisory board was struck to carry on the work started at Broto 2 and toward a robust Broto 3 scheduled for May 2020.
  • Documentation, funding and networking are key near-term (Q3, 2019) priorities.

Broto Programs – actual and planned

1. Annual Conference (2020 onward)

  • Advances key conversations, raises profile, builds network, germinates and presents collaborations, their work, insights and strategies.

2. Collaboration Hub (2020-21)

  • Funding, tracking, documenting and presenting “substantive, credible, real-time and mutual” co-created art-sci works in the climate space — both online and at the annual conference. 
  • Foster collaboration global meet ups, broker art-sci partnerships, do kids-oriented art-sci fairs. Broto TV, web series of co-creators.

3. Web-based Repository of Art-Sci Collaborations (2020)

  • Inspires others to act, generates new collaborations, shows strength of movement, provides list of relevant resources
  • Blog provides opinion leadership and highlights unique or interesting projects

4. Youth Activism (2021)

5. Social Media (2019)

  • Promotes Broto brand, activities and resources, raises profile, amplifies messages

6. Speakers’ Bureau (2020)

  • Provides speaker bios and topics, invites speaking requests, promotes Broto mission and vision

7. Advisory Services (2020)

  • Provides interdisciplinary teams to assist organizations seeking to advance art and science climate action collaborations

Potential for Broto 3

  • Theme: “Bridging” — as in what are the mechanisms, ideas, strategies and innovations that “bridge” the art-sci divide and what does that network of bridges bring to the art-sci collaboration initiative
  • Tentatively: May 15-16-17, depending on venue and fundraising
  • Again, panels, lectures and workshops — but a focus on actual art-sci collaboration.
  • becomes the channel to document the pre-Broto 3 development period of collaborators and the main platform for Broto communication and shared co-creation

Post Broto 2 Actions/Next steps

  • Business planning
  • Documentation of Broto 2 and pre-Broto 3
  • Challenge art-sci space with a specific assignment
  • Funding
  • Collaboration Blueprint
  • University support.

Thank you to Broto’s 2019 sponsors!

  • Provincetown Economic Development Committee
  • Provincetown Tourism Fund
  • The Palette Fund
  • Arts Foundation of Cape Cod
  • Cape Cod Center for Sustainability
  • Provincetown Cultural Council
  • Bay State Cruise Company
  • Pilgrim House


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