Majella Clarke |

Helsinki-based artist and scientist. As an artist, my work uses data, algorithms and artificial intelligence to create compositions, sound and sonic art that can also be used in live performance. Live performances draw upon data visualizations to create, inspire and experiment with prescribed and notated sounds often using percussion and/or electro-acoustic recordings. My multi-instrumental background (Piano, Oboe, Violin, etc) provides versatility in performance and sound experiments. I specialize in conducting. As a scientist, I specialize in climate change modeling and policy, artificial intelligence, circular economy, sustainability and social issues.

Previous Collaboration: Facing Naama is a composition and performance installation using explainable artificial Intelligence (xAI) Computer Vision in collaboration with DAIN Studios. The technology was developed by DAIN Studios data scientists and engineers for a demonstration of the technology. I developed the composition and performance installation as a marketing feature and experiment to show how computer vision can be used in performance.

Why a Broto Collaboration? The theme of art-climate-science resonate with my values and motivation behind my artistic practice. I need to build my network and connect with like minded artists that are open to collaboration and experimentation. I have a unique sets of skills and knowledge, as a musician and also as a scientist. I believe that art used as a medium to discuss and present issues, especially on climate change, can be a more effective medium for catalysing societal change and creating open discussion.

Seeking: Experimental, innovative, open, inclusive, forward-thinking, think big – driven by impact.


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