Susan Hoenig |
“American Chestnut Leaf Sculpture”, aerial photograph,
Mountain Lakes Nature Preserve, Princeton, N.J.

Ecological Artist working with sculpture and painting. I collaborate on restoration projects in the forest understory to create awareness of new possibilities of co-existence and sustainability. 
In 2020, I collaborated with Friends of Princeton Open Space at Mountain Lakes Nature Preserve to restore the American Chestnut. Eight saplings were planted within an enclosure fence to protect them from deer browse. On the other side of the fence, I created an American Chestnut Leaf Sculpture using river stone to simulate the leaves. A documentary was made of this project.Presently, I am Artist-in-Residence at Hobler Park, Montgomery Township, New Jersey where I am creating a White Ash Leaf Sculpture.

Seeking: Scientists, Biologists, Engineers My vision is to create ecological leaf sculptures that will be designed for remedial purposes to filter CO2. This would utilize glacial stone to store and filter carbon. 


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