Margaret LeJeune |

US-based visual artist working in expanded photographic mediums including still and moving imagery and installation. My work explores ecology, climate change, biodiversity, habitat and species loss, and perceptions of place.

Previous Collaboration: In my project Growing Light, I have work with marine biologists to develop methods of using bioluminescent organisms as photographic light. In my series Shifting Halo, I work with scientists at the Notre Dame Environmental Research Center (UNDERC) to explore the boreal forest and the shifting habitat of resident species. While at UNDERC I also worked with mammalian biologists to track deer mice trails in daylight and night time conditions. I have been granted several artist residencies to create art-sci and place-based projects.

Why a Broto Collaboration: For my current project, I am looking to partner with a chemist to track changes in sea salt composition across the globe. Through our shared inquiry and visualization, I believe that we will be able to offer new and exciting research in the fields of climate change, earth systems, and the visual arts.

Seeking: I am eager to collaborate with passionate and curious scientists who value the possibilities of art-sci collaboration. I hope to work with cultural producers who can help to amplify our collaborative work to diverse audiences.


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