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Based in Australia, I was an internationally recognized neuroscientist and professor of anatomy for over 30 years until I retired in 2014, having originally trained in zoology. My research was on the microscopic organization of the nerves communicating between the skin, internal organs and the spinal cord. I taught just about everything to do with the body from molecular biology through to biomechanics and behaviour. I’m also a poet, video artist and electronic musician with four published books of poetry. My videos have been screened or exhibited around the world in festivals, exhibitions and installations.

Previous Collaborations: I’ve done many since 2008. Most of my own creative work blends art and science.

“Shared Reckonings”. Video sequence with Catherine Truman. Adelaide Botanic Garden, Adelaide Festival, South Australia (2021). 

“20/20 Scope”. Installation including video, text, and optical equipment. With Catherine Truman and Deb Jones. “No Surface Holds”. Jam Factory, Adelaide (2017).

“Floribunda”. Poems accompanying drawings by Judy Morris. Hahndorf Academy, South Australia (2015, published 2015). 

“Sensurious”. Text accompanying drawings by Judy Morris, Magpie Springs, South Australia (2015, video version published 2017).

“The Microscope Project”. Installation, texts, electronic music, images, video. With Catherine Truman, Deb Jones, Angela Valamanesh & Nicholas Folland. Flinders University City Gallery, Adelaide (2014, published 2014).

“Proximity” (dir: Garry Stewart) Commissioned text and workshops. Australian Dance Theatre (2012). 

“Be Your Self” (dir: Garry Stewart) Commissioned text. Australian Dance Theatre (2010). 

“Not Absolute”. Collaborative exhibition / installation with Catherine Truman, Judy Morris, Gabriella Bisetto, Rachel Burgess, Vicki Clifton, featuring poetry, video, objects and soundscapes by Ian Gibbins. Flinders University City Gallery, Adelaide (2009). 

“Heartsong” (dir / comp: Cheryl Pickering, Richard Chew) Public installations of poems “ecg” and “heart attack”. The Science Exchange, Royal Institution Australia, and Flinders Medical Centre, South Australia (2009).

Why a Broto Collaboration? The Broto collaboration is a the type of project that we really need for many reasons: bringing together artists and scientists; an avenue to new creative outcomes; a collaborative voice to educate and promote support for environmental action; a platform that could lead to a stronger political voice; an opportunity for all this to happen in an international sphere. I enjoy working by myself on my own projects but I also have worked collaboratively for all my life: as a scientist, a teacher, an administrator, and now as an artist. A good collaboration always produces something unexpected that is greater than the sum of its parts. Even failed collaborations can have positive outcomes, albeit often in another time and place. Perhaps more importantly, collaborations produce a stronger sense of community that can spread far outside the boundaries of any specific project.

Seeking: Someone who will challenge me, teach me new things… someone who can be a co-traveller into the total uncertainty at the limits of what we know… someone who respects the validity of evidence yet is willing to let chance and randomness enter the creative process. And this means someone who can quickly let go of things that are not working for whatever reason. And for better or worse, we have to get on at a personal level… Collaborations have to be fun and rewarding, at least most of the time…

Connect: igibbins@tpg.com.au

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