Rich Blundell |

Truro, MA-based ecologist and creative producer working at the intersection of science art and nature.

Previous Collaborations: I have done several collaborations wherein I interpret artworks through an ecological lens. The short films are meant spark deep conversations about big ideas. You can get a sense for these projects here. I am also the producer on the Ecology Extended project with the artist Rita Leduc and scientist Lindsey Rustad. All of these projects have been funded by a philanthropic grant I have received and I intend to continue with this model as well as seek additional funding.

Why a Broto Collaboration? Because humanity needs to undergo a profound change in consciousness in order to begin healing ourselves and our planet. I believe the arts, informed by science, is the best way to ensure a better future.

Seeking: I am currently seeking artists from all genres and media as well as scientists in the natural sciences to begin creating media that communicates ecological intelligence. In all cases, collaborators must be willing to let me interpret their work and communicate it publicly.


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