Who is the team behind Future Playground? | Broto.eco

Spawned from a creative partnership between future tastemakers, Kassandra Huynh and Johannes Fuchs (Neonature), Future Playground – Island Resiliency is a collaborative project with our topic experts that are all transdisciplinary nature-inspired design scientists and biomimicry practitioners, working at the intersection of social and sustainable impact. Each one of us has carved a unique niche in the innovative field of life-centered creativity. Together we’re passionate about activating inclusive, hopeful and inspiring, complexity conscious, future visions through art, (climate) science, and technology.

Who are the collaborators for this project, Future Playground – Island Resiliency?

Kassandra Huynh – Artist (MN-USA, Germany)
Kassandra Huynh is a Hmong-Vietnamese-US biodesigner and creative consultant based in Potsdam, Germany, specializing in inclusive, speculative and regenerative design. She creates beautiful objects, visual concepts, virtual experiences, immersive spaces and aesthetic interventions – exploring how the built environment can expand our connection to nature, heritage, and emergent technology.

Kassandra’s role as an Artist in Future Playground – Island Resiliency is to conduct design research, bring in expansive ideas, form the aesthetic and immersive virtual reality experience as well as shape the creative process and visual narrative. She also acts as the link between the team members and bridges the project’s cultural and scientific insights.

Johannes Fuchs – Artist/Producer (Germany)
Johannes Fuchs , is an illustrator, designer, and visual storyteller based in Potsdam, Germany. His mission is to support responsible brands and stories for a thriving planet centered around sustainable and social change, future design, and science communication.

Johannes’ role as an Artist and Producer in Future Playground – Island Resiliency is to curate climate technologies, be a creative sounding board, help shape the overarching visual narrative, document the process, and design the social media contents. 

Leon Wang – Scientist (CA-USA)

Leon Wang is a Taiwanese 2nd gen American, climate technologist and biomimicry professional who leverages their deep expertise in Life-Centered Design, Emerging Technologies, and Justice|Equity|Diversity|Inclusion (JEDI) to amplify change-agents. Through organizations like Sustainable Ocean Alliance, Leon supports the research and development of climate change initiatives to more well-adapted solutions for our planet.

Leon’s role as a Scientist in Future Playground – Island Resiliency is to ground the artworks and cultural research in nature-inspired strategies and climate science, provide technological solutions, systems-level interventions as well as help define the boundaries and focus of the project. Additionally, Leon will act as a creative challenger to inform and iterate the participatory design process.

Giselle Carr – Producer (Trinidad and Tobago)

Giselle Carr is the founder of Life-Centered Design Consultancy – Stardust, and is a creative strategist from Trinidad and Tobago. She has worked across industries and borders, creating positive change within businesses, brands and markets in the developed and developing world. 

Giselle’s role as a Producer in Future Playground – Island Resiliency is to be a creative sounding board, help shape the narrative and media strategy, document the process, and inform the participatory user experience while maintaining the cultural integrity of the project.

Christopher Collens – Consulting Cultural Expert (Trinidad and Tobago)

As a curator of culture, Christopher is passionate about Caribbean narratives that defy convention. His photography reveals parallels between the human form and collective symbolism in a way that crosses borders and shatters visual stereotypes. 

Christopher’s role as a Consulting Cultural Expert in Future Playground – Island Resiliency is to steer the creative and scientific work with cultural insights, as well as help maintain an authentic and inclusive participatory design engagement within the Caribbean.