Karey Kessler | Broto.eco

US-based artist. I use watercolor, inks, stencils, stamps and freehand writing to create map-like paintings and drawings. When I’m making the repeated dots and lines of my artwork, I start thinking about the environment, climate change, geological history, the Anthropocene and deep time. I think about the Mystery and Grandeur of the universe and about how we live in a world that is mapped all the way from outer space right down to our front-doors, and yet we still have no idea why we are here, or what here really means.

Previous collaboration: I participated in a four month Bridge Residency with the SciArt Initiative in collaboration with geographer. You can read my blog.

Seeking: I enjoyed collaborating with a geographer and would welcome a similar collaboration. I would also be very interested in being partnered with a geologist or climate change scientist.


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