Paloma Marquez |

Argentina-based artist and producer who interested in researching the collaborations and possible relationships between the different agents organic and non organic, detecting and respecting its capacities, possibilities and territories. I´m learning from geology, mineralogy, philosophy based in material respect, and lithocentrist point of view. Litho Tech Art is the name I gave to the artworks that involve natural rocks and technology for the arts, from a lithocentric and respectful point of view.

Why a Broto Collaboration? Sharing our knowledge and experiences and learning from others is the greatest collaboration and interaction that a researcher and artist can have. Meeting people that make questions and have different points of view, always with respect, is what interests me the most. I do believe that in a collaboration the research can growth in giant steps and in unexpected ways.

Seeking: Nature lovers, Philosophers, Artists, Geologists, Mineralogists


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