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US-based artist and observer, Danielle Siembieda is an Alter Eco-Artist and Creative Director of the enterprise think tank Leonardo/ISAST. Her mission is to empower communities by navigating complex systems that affect all of us. She has spent her career addressing the UNSDG’s with a focus on clean energy and responsible consumption & production through creative entrepreneurship and economy.  

Previous collaborations: Flyline – Architecture, Engineering and Sustainability Collaboration, Artists, Art Inspector – Life Cycle Engineering, Toxics Specialists, Artists, BURG – Energy Specialists, Engineers, Artists, Jean Gnome – Genomic Scientists, Artists.

Why a Broto Collaboration?: Broto’s focus is on the climate crisis and the environment. This is my primary interest and artistic practice. There is the alignment of the contributors, themes and provocations that I can get behind.

Seeking: I’m open to working with collaborators of all disciplines. It’s essential to have someone who can follow through, share credit, be open to novice questions, be honest about how they want to be communicated with, and have something to teach/share.  

I enjoy beginning collaborations with "playful" moments that build trust and exercise our imagination. Creating bonds of trust through shared experiences has been a fruitful approach to a good partnership. This often also considers attending partner events, reading their papers, listening to their concerns, and learning about themselves. These crucial conversational moments allow me to understand how to communicate with this partner and what they offer in a relationship.

Once this is established, working with someone who appreciates the back and forth feedback, question, and inquiry. I am also a non-linear thinker, and it helps if I am working with someone who is complimentary and can provide technical ability and application to the project we are working on. 

In this, I would love to find someone whose knowledge and skills may include some of the following: LCA Databases, ISO Standards, supply chain, metal mining, aeronautic financial markets, space policy, life-cycle-engineering, satellite development, game creators, storytellers, animators, or astrophysics.

Connect: danielle@siembieda.com

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