Emily Ross | Broto.eco

US-based artist and scientist. I’m a PhD candidate in structural geology at Iowa State University, where I work on physical models of tectonic processes. I graduated with degrees in Studio Art and Geology from Carleton College in 2017 and spent two years researching geology/art intersections, first on a yearlong Watson Fellowship in Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America and then at art organizations around the US.

Previous collaboration: On my Watson Fellowship, I worked with a number of art organizations as a sort of “resident geologist” making ceramic objects, photographing the environment, writing geology education content and volunteering in museum settings. 

Why a Broto Collaboration?: My goal post-PhD is to work at the intersection of geology education and the art world, using art to teach geology and using geology to make and reimagine art. This might take the form of teaching, curation work, writing, art-making, geology research, or photojournalism! I don’t know yet, but maybe someone will have an idea I can help them with. 

Connect: eoross@iastate.edu

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