Krisanne Baker |

US-based artist who is a Gulf of Maine and Gulf of Mexico ocean advocacy artist whose work concerns water quality, availability and rights, and inspiring ocean stewardship. Her multimedia installations and paintings are studies of the patterns of the natural world, arrangements of colors and ocean life in symbiotic macroscopic and microscopic views of the “heart of the planet” that are rapidly shifting due to climate change. Her research, teaching, and studio practice intertwine as water advocacy. As an avid snorkeler, Baker bares her experiences, the beauty of our interconnectedness, and precarious balance we share with the oceans. 

Previous Collaboration: Baker was recently a Teaching Artist in Residence at Shoals Marine Laboratory and in 2017 (Cornell and UNH) collaborating with marine biology scientists and students to inform her sciart research and art concerning the effects of climate change on the intertidal – a body of this work will exhibited at Cere’s Gallery upcoming exhibition ‘Earth on the Edge’ (December 2021 NYC) a sequel to ‘Earth SOS’ in 2017.

In 2018-2019, Baker was a Visiting Artist in Residence at the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, collaborating with scientists Michael Lomas and Joan Blanchette in Bigelow’s world-renowned living marine algae lab. Baker’s collaboration with Bigelow’s scientists resulted in a large-scale installation  of upcycled glass (25 feet in height) based on the largest daily migration on Earth of marine phytoplankton created as phosphorescent glowing glass sculptures, and the largest-ever attended Cafe Sci public sciart talk with the community. The sculptural installation graced the entry atrium to Bigelow for the past two years sparking conversations amongst scientists and visitors alike.

Why a Broto Collaboration?:

I’m very intrigued by the Broto model of artist/scientist/observer. I’ve not previously worked with an observer, except in a very informal way. I believe it is a situation that would be further enriching in dialogue and potential outcome. Sciart collaborations have been nurturing my practice for the past five years; during this time, I feel that my work has truly come to fruition in terms of personal artistic fulfillment while conveying and inspiring greater stewardship for the ocean/planet.

Seeking: My perfect collaborators are passionate about their work and interested in sharing that passion through dialogue and field research or other experiences.  We communicate on a regular basis using technology, or in person if ever possible. We all remain open-minded through our discussions, and seek clarity to curiosities and inquiries that come up through this process. We acknowledge how we have been ‘influenced’ by each other.


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