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US-based artist. My art practice investigates the transition from temporary experience to abiding relationship with place.  I work on-site at a chosen location, using a variety of art materials and processes to collect physical, phenomenological, and psychological data. I then bring this data to the studio where I analyze and repurpose it into new works that synthesize my on-site experiences, imagination, and implicit knowledge of the site. As the multi-media artworks accumulate, they compose a team of knowledge-seekers, eager to learn – and possibly reveal – what can only be discerned through genuine, reciprocal listening.  

Previous Collaborations:

ECOLOGY EXTENDED: HUBBARD BROOK EXPERIMENTAL FOREST is an ongoing, experimental collaboration that is part of the Broto: Collaboration Blueprint trial. It involves Rich Blundell (observer+), Lindsey Rustad (scientist), and the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest in New Hampshire. Our intention is to explore pathways by which the healing, ecological dynamics of nature can extend into culture through art.

GROUNDWORK is an interdisciplinary research initiative I created in 2014. Although it can take many forms (workshop, retreat, course), its core mission is to flip the script on the view that bewilderment is a state from which we must rapidly exit. To do this, we curate interaction on a human level, strengthening individuals’ relationships with creativity, experience, place, and community.

Why a Broto Collaboration?: See those two projects above? They are endlessly fulfilling. I’m confident that if I do my job right, what they give to me, I can give outward to others one thousandfold. So it makes all the sense in the world to find others like it. But Broto specifically? Have a look at the Collaboration Blueprint. Broto is onto something and it’s something I have not seen in many other places. This is the energy and these are the ideas that I want to surround myself with. Joining forces with groups like Broto is how I will be able to spread the aforementioned fulfillment outward into the world.

Seeking: Honest, spirited, passionate, open-hearted, rigorous, transparent, communicative, aware, astute. Comfortable being uncomfortable, fluent in the language of their own intuition, ready to dissolve some boundaries and get sh*t done. 

Connect: leduc.rita@gmail.com

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