About the Broto Conference

About Broto

“Substantive, real-time, mutual and credible art-sci collaborations”

Broto: Art-Climate-Science is an annual conference and online community of collaborating artists and scientists tackling aspects of climate change. The intent, through the Broto Collaboration Blueprint, is innovation through shared co-creation of work — whether it’s art or science or something in between.

We launched in 2018.

Broto is a program produced by the Cape Cod Center for Sustainability, a 501c3 non-profit organization based in Provincetown, MA.

“Merging the most diverse perspectives yields the richest synthesis of ideas. New urgency. New ideas. New boundaries.”
– The Broto Credo


The Broto Team

Ian Edwards, Director
Cape Cod Center for Sustainability


  • Hilairy Hartnett, Co-director ASU PlanetWorks, Associate Professor School of Earth & Space Exploration, Arizona State University
  • Lance Gharavi, Associate Professor, School of Film, Dance and Theatre, Arizona State University
  • Julia Buntaine Hoel, Director, SciArt Center
  • Peter ter Weeme, Vice President, Social Purpose and Stakeholder Engagement, British Columbia Lottery Corporation

Graphics and web support