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PREVIEW: Collaboration Blueprint

A draft “for discussion” is posted on our Collaboration Blueprint page. Broto: Art, Science & Collaboration’s inaugural conference is held May 4-6, 2018 and this document will be workshopped at the conference.

Featured Speakers Announced!

Broto: Art, Science & Collaboration happens May 4-6 in Provincetown. And, we’re thrilled with our line up of speakers and presenters!

Art/Science mismatched on key assumptions: Poll

Artists and scientists may be mismatched in key assumptions about each other including their focus on process – which may be a clear area to negotiate as they engage in a collaboration partnership, according to new Broto poll.

General public misunderstands art/science: Poll

Mainstream audiences don’t get it – according to professional artists and professional scientists asked to assess the general public’s take on their work: Broto survey.

Creativity/Discovery drive art/science careers: Poll

“Creativity” and “Discovery” are most potent career drivers for both professional artists and scientists to do what they do, according to a new poll by Broto: Art, Science & Collaboration

The Burden of “Outcomes”

The process is the outcome. At Broto, we want to explore better ways to collaborate toward the hope of innovation.

Defining Broto’s Idea of “Collaboration”

Broto was honored to participate in a panel discussion at the Nov. 1, 2017 Arts Foundation of Cape Cod event called Creative Exchange. The topic was "Artist as Part of the Team" and, as it turns out, that idea drills into the foundational heart of Broto: That the...