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Collaboration: Future Playground


Future Playground

Future Playground, an international team of collaborators from Germany, Trinidad and the United States, explores climate fiction scenarios at the intersection of art, science, and emergent technology. With sea-levels on the rise, Future Playground speculates how a proactive, desirable, and inclusive life-centered future could look for island and coastal nations. The collaborators include Kassandra Huynh (biodesigner/creative consultant), Johannes Fuchs (illustrator/visual storyteller), Giselle Carr (brand strategist/start-up founder), and Leon Wang (climate technologist/biomimicry professional).


Broto: Art-Climate-Science has commissioned two climate change collaboration projects as the first tests of its unique Collaboration Blueprint. Broto’s Collaboration Blueprint calls for three collaborators: Science, Art and a bridging/synthesis partner we are calling a Producer.

Introducing Future Playground – Island Resiliency

Future Playground is an ongoing art series of untold, immersive stories that show desirable climate fiction scenes. Our narratives take place in virtual reality (VR) where we invite people to reimagine our interconnection and interdependence to nature. We play with ideas of positive futures because we feel dystopian narratives are dominant in our society. Even though such cautionary tales are important, we believe that we need a counter balance of proactive ideas; exploring what we actually want to happen and not just what we want to avoid.


Who is the team behind Future Playground?

Spawned from a creative partnership between future tastemakers, Kassandra Huynh and Johannes Fuchs (Neonature), Future Playground – Island Resiliency is a collaborative project with our topic experts that are all transdisciplinary nature-inspired design scientists and biomimicry practitioners, working at the intersection of social and sustainable impact. Each one of us has carved a unique niche in the innovative field of life-centered creativity. Together we’re passionate about activating inclusive, hopeful and inspiring, complexity conscious, future visions through art, (climate) science, and technology.