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Collaboration: Future Playground


Future Playground

Future Playground, an international team of collaborators from Germany, Trinidad and the United States, explores climate fiction scenarios at the intersection of art, science, and emergent technology. With sea-levels on the rise, Future Playground speculates how a proactive, desirable, and inclusive life-centered future could look for island and coastal nations. The collaborators include Kassandra Huynh (biodesigner/creative consultant), Johannes Fuchs (illustrator/visual storyteller), Giselle Carr (brand strategist/start-up founder), and Leon Wang (climate technologist/biomimicry professional).

Broto: Art-Climate-Science has commissioned two climate change collaboration projects as the first tests of its unique Collaboration Blueprint. Broto’s Collaboration Blueprint calls for three collaborators: Science, Art and a bridging/synthesis partner we are calling a Producer.

Introducing Future Playground – Island Resiliency

Future Playground is an ongoing art series of untold, immersive stories that show desirable climate fiction scenes. Our narratives take place in virtual reality (VR) where we invite people to reimagine our interconnection and interdependence to nature. We play with ideas of positive futures because we feel dystopian narratives are dominant in our society. Even though such cautionary tales are important, we believe that we need a counter balance of proactive ideas; exploring what we actually want to happen and not just what we want to avoid. MORE

Who is the team behind Future Playground?

Spawned from a creative partnership between future tastemakers, Kassandra Huynh and Johannes Fuchs (Neonature), Future Playground – Island Resiliency is a collaborative project with our topic experts that are all transdisciplinary nature-inspired design scientists and biomimicry practitioners, working at the intersection of social and sustainable impact. Each one of us has carved a unique niche in the innovative field of life-centered creativity. Together we’re passionate about activating inclusive, hopeful and inspiring, complexity conscious, future visions through art, (climate) science, and technology. MORE

Engaging Broto’s Collaborative Blueprint


How will art inform science?
Our artists set the vision and are sensors for change. They have the creative freedom to explore all spaces of possibilities and execute the narrative into an imaginative yet provocative experience. The artists create unconventional combinations while amplifying what’s invisible in culture, society, and environment, into the awareness of new audiences.

How will science inform art?
Our scientist will challenge the storytelling  to be more grounded in tangible avenues for application, experimenting and testing. They will also provide critical, probing, and boundary defining questions along with resources which will expand and/or narrow the ideation space. Science will also enable the creative process to be more robust and replicable.

How will the producer/observer inform the process?
Our producer/observer will provide a bridge to the audience and help ensure that cultural authenticity represents and resonates with the intended groups. The producers/observers help communicate and synthesize the creative process to be most advanced, yet acceptable while also documenting the journey’s insights, ensuring to test, iterate and evolve steps along the way.

How will Future Playground – Island Resiliency test the Blueprint?Overall, we will be using the Broto Blueprint as the overarching themes to structure our workflow. The collaboration framework has overlapping steps with innovation processes we’re familiar with, yet is distinctive in that there’s a particular focus on communication and outreach with an art-science-climate output; so we’ll hone in on testing those aspects.

Broto’s Blueprint, will enable us to demonstrate the untapped co-creation potential of nature-inspired speculative art, combined with climate science. As we share a foundation in innovative methods (i.e. design thinking, biomimicry thinking, systems thinking), we understand how to navigate interdisciplinary and remote co-working, flat-team dynamics, cross-cultural semantics and complex challenges.

Additionally, we are all science communicators working in social and sustainable impact, with similar values. What unites us is testing the blueprint and having a shared mission: to create emotionally pulling, informative yet entertaining; optimistic and immersive stories; which inspire, include, and activate a newfound connection for the planet; a particular place, people, and purpose.

When it comes to production, we’ll be sharing the preliminary and intermittent communications as well as research, sourcing inspiration and insights, reviewing copy, and testing and engaging creative content via our collaborative process. 

What we’ll bring to the blueprint is taking a more modular approach by using nested components which we’ll build incrementally. Each social media engagement will also serve as documentation stepping stones for the project, while also encouraging us to maintain a transparent (behind the scenes) co-creation process with the audience. The community-oriented design process ultimately informs how we implement the final outcome, as well as how and when we iterate, synthesize and evolve our testing loops for the entirety of the project, rather than just as a 4th step at the end.

Our Collaboration Process

We’ve kick started Step 1 of the Broto Blueprint: Integration/Conversation process by diving into an Understanding phase of the context in which we want to design: the Caribbean. The screenshots from our Miro board illustrate the breadth in which our research will take us: culture, climate science, biology/ecology/hydrology, visual and storytelling inspiration, and bio-inspired tech and lo-tek (indigenous innovation) strategies. MORE