Broto Collaborations and Collaboration Blueprint


Collaboration is a work of co-creation, shared intention and hybridized process

We may agree that two heads are better than one – especially on the issues that are most stuck for a solution. However the way those two heads work together is a whole other issue – and something that Broto: Art-Climate-Science is working to address.

Collaboration has many interpretations and executions. There are many examples of art-and-science collaboration in history and certainly a number of very well-intentioned efforts. Broto, in one regard, hopes to capture and catalogue a record of art-and-science work already done.

More urgently, Broto aims to put definition around the idea of collaboration to create rules of engagement that work toward our definition of collaboration: art and science exploring through a knitted-together, co-created process of shared intention. This is just one way to think about collaboration, but a way we hope you will join us in exploring, refining, growing and building long-term benefits.

“As people of distinctly different backgrounds, skillsets and experience, we pledge to work in mutuality and toward a shared intention.”

While that may sound idealistic, the function of that dialectical relationship is at the very heart of collaboration that leverages the strengths and shores up the weaknesses of each contributor so that the outcome – whatever that is – is a product of a hybridized process.

We think a more robust collaboration model, with standards and discipline and format, will uphold the highest integrity of all contributors, but expand the potential for discovery and beneficial innovation between them. Help us explore that thesis.