Broto Conference Community


Defining ourselve as we grow, engage, inform, agree or disagree
and refine what it means to collaborate

What is very clear in the earliest pilot project work for Broto: Art-Climate-Science  is that the participants have to be open to alternative perspectives, comfortable with unknown outcomes and adaptable in their relationship to their methods.

The community of Broto will define itself as we grow, engage, inform, agree or disagree and refine what it means to collaborate, listen, revise and respond to the various ways that our members execute the ideas of the Broto Collaboration Blueprint.

We look forward to your input as we take the models, experience and ideas of the Broto concept into the real world and put it into action. We’ve worked to create a place here on the site for you to share your work with your collaborators, expand your network for like-minded creatives, and interact on abstract ideas that have potential to impact the world as concrete actions.

As a community, Broto will expect and require respect, civility, manners, timeliness, responsiveness, professionalism, fairness, transparency and integrity — in its co-created works, and interactions. This is a space for big ideas — some will land and others won’t, but all are valid if they are offered as serious, contextualized, informed and actionable concepts.

Our collaborations excel with communication and struggle without it. As a first lesson, the Broto team wants you to communicate with each other and with us — as we all, together, create something new that inspires and works toward a future when issues like climate change pose less of a threat.

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