Conference: Broto Art-Climate-Science

Broto Conference Greetings, Earthling

Greetings, Earthling!

An art-sci conference about global citizenship and its potential for a climate strategy

Donations are encouraged

We’ll connect with our usual mix of brainy experts and attendee

  • 8 panels: Four on May 15 and four on May 16 
  • 100% online
  • Live interaction with the panelists
  • Virtual post-panel mingles for attendees
  • Artists, scientists, advocates, sustainability strategists, green tech entrepreneurs and scholars

Questions? Please email Ian at


Greetings, Earthling! Speakers and Guests

  • Ayodamola Okunseinde, Assistant Professor of Interaction & Media Design, Parsons School of Design
  • Margaret LeJeune, Associate Professor of Photography,  Bradley University
  • Marcia Bjornerud, Lawrence University
  • Richard Gifford, Provincetown Schools
  • Rich Blundell, Founder, Oika
  • Stephanie Vasko, Managing Director, Michigan State University Center for Interdisciplinarity
  • Hanien Conradie, artist
  • Ian Gibbins, artist
  • Tanaya Winder, artist
  • Danielle Siembieda, Leonardo
  • Ella Hilstrom, anthropologist
  • Lance Gharavi, Arizona State University
  • Melanie Challenger, author
  • Kieran Setiya, MIT
  • Michele Wick, Smith College
  • Philip Kitcher, Columbia University

  • Margo Farnsworth, Screendoor Consulting
  • Saptaparni Pandit, Kazi Nazrul University