Conference: Broto Art-Climate-Science

Conference 2020

Time Sensitive

A conference about “Deep Time” and the intersection of Art-Climate-Science-Time

  • Dates: May 16-17, 2020
  • Provincetown, MA
  • Venue: Provincetown Commons (46 Bradford St, Provincetown, MA 02657)

In a society fixated on near-term outcomes, how do art and science think about time and how is that relevant in the climate crisis?

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We’ll speak with our usual mix of brainy experts and attendees and work toward a white paper on art-science-climate-time and its potential for innovation in the climate crisis.

  • Panels, Lectures, Social gatherings, Workshops and more.
  • Artists, scientists, advocates, sustainability strategies, green tech entrepreneurs and scholars of very long term time horizons

Questions? Please email Ian at

2020 Speakers and Guests

  • Don McKay, Poet, two-time winner of Canada’s Governor General Award, author of 12 books
  • Nicholas Paul Brysiewicz, Director of Development, The Long Now Foundation
  • Hilairy Hartnett, Co-director ASU PlanetWorks, Associate Professor School of Earth & Space Exploration, Arizona State University
  • Jonathon Keats, Conceptual artist and experimental philosopher
  • Lance Gharavi, Associate Professor, School of Film, Dance and Theatre, Arizona State University
  • Julian Ruddock, PhD, Visual artist and filmmaker
  • Daniel Ranalli, Visual artist and founder of the Graduate Program in Arts Administration at Boston University
  • Julia Buntaine Hoel, Director, SciArt Center
  • Marnie Benney, Independent curator
  • Jonathan Latiano, Visual artist
  • Elena Soterakis, Visual artist
  • Dennis Minsky, Naturalist and writer
  • Madhavi Venkatesan, Economist
  • Richard Gifford, Provincetown Schools STEAM and Design Teacher, UN Certified Climate Change Teacher
  • Students from Provincetown Schools
  • David Maggs, Research Fellow, ‘Culture and Climate’, Institute for Advanced Study of Sustainability, Potsdam
  • Peter ter Weeme, Executive VP, Purpose and Brand Citizenship at Elevator Strategy

Why you should come

We might agree that two heads are better than one – especially when it comes to solving a challenge like climate change. 

  • Shared intentions
  • Co-creation that may be neither science nor art
  • Hybridized methodologies

Join us May 16-17, 2020 in Provincetown, MA for what will be the next step of a bright new idea in fostering discovery. Be part of the pioneering group of artists and scientists building the actual bridge toward a shared insight, outcome – or even world-changing climate change remedy.

Besides, haven’t you always wanted to come to Provincetown?