A Blueprint for Collaboration:

A weekend of workshops to ratify a framework for Mutual, Real-Time, Credible and Substantive Art-Science Collaborations Addressing Climate Change.

“Science and the arts… are [not] different sides of the same coin, or even different parts of the same continuum, but rather they are different manifestations of the same thing.” Dr. Mae Jemison, astronaut, engineer, physician, educator and innovator

We might agree that two heads are better than one – especially when it comes to solving a challenge like climate change. But for collaborating artists and scientists, just how they might effectively work together might be as elusive an idea as the exciting innovation their partnership might yield.

Broto seeks to create an exportable framework for art and science collaboration that upholds the integrity of both – but blends in a process for exploring what might lie between.

Shared intentions
Co-creation that may be neither science nor art
Hybridized methodologies

– we want to formalize a set of guidelines that allows flourishing creative and effective exploration that is “mutual, real-time, credible and substantive.”

Join us May 4-6 in Provincetown, MA for what will be the start of a bright new idea in fostering discovery. Be part of the pioneering group of artists and scientists building the actual bridge toward a shared insight, outcome – or even world-changing climate change remedy.

Have your name on our founding document that lays the groundwork for a future made more robust through “mutual, real-time, credible and substantive” art-and-science collaborations.
Meet our pilot project artists and scientists working together now.
Meet other artists and scientists looking for partners, new paths and new energy.
Build our new community, share with your networks, and get the ideas flowing.

The process is the benefit. The innovations, after the fact, are the rewards.

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