Register for the 2019 Broto Conference

Register for Broto's 2019 Conference

Scaling Climate Science through Art 

May 17-18

Provincetown, MA

For our second annual conference, Broto: Art, Science & Collaboration will dive into a great question posed in Year 1: Can art help scale climate science to global proportions?

We might agree that climate change solutions need to be global in scale to be truly effective in remedying the crisis. And, where global government, global religion, and global multinationals seem to have faltered in building a planetary scale, might art be a viable vector?

This two-day conference (Friday evening/Saturday day) is designed to embody art-science collaboration. We’ll put into practice a mutual way of working together – building on our nascent Collaboration Blueprint and exploring what a global climate science-art installation might look like.

  • What’s the science?
  • What’s the art?
  • Who are the players?
  • How might it work?

It’s a blue-sky creative discussion with an open-ended outcome.

Join us.

Why should you come? Because you are committed to a constructive dialogue about collaboration and are keen to see meaningful, disciplined, credible and substantive bridges between art and science — as it can contribute to the exploration of climate change remedies. Besides, haven’t you always wanted to come to Provincetown?

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