Schedule of Events

2020 Conference Schedule

Broto 2020 Schedule

“Time Sensitive”

Provincetown Commons

46 Bradford Street, Provincetown

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May 16: Day 1 Conference

Starts later at 1 PM to give attendees coming from Boston a chance to catch the tourism season’s very first ferries from Boston.

1:00 PM       Welcome


1:15 PM       Talk: Nicholas Paul Brysiewicz, The Long Now

Thinking in 10,000-year increments


2:00 PM       Panel: Deep Time and its intersection with Art and Science

Panelists: Nicholas Paul Brysiewicz, Rick Antonson, Hilairy Hartnett, Julian Ruddock, Moderator Julia Buntaine Hoel

In a world fixated on near-term results, how does art and science think about time? In what ways does that translate into strategy? Or planning? Or innovation? Is there value in translating that sense of time into a climate discussion and how can art-science intervene or normalize in that discussion?

3:15 PM       Break

3:30 PM       Talk: Jonathon Keats: Millennium Camera

Engaging the public to think beyond their lifetimes.


4:15 PM       Panel: 1000 years? What's here? 

Panelists: Mark Borrelli, Vandana Singh, Dennis Minsky, Richard Gifford, Madhavi Venkatesan, Moderator, Hilairy Hartnett

Let's engage art thinking and science exploration to time jump 1000 years. What's here on Cape Cod? What's gone? Do we make different choices now?

5:30 PM       Break

8:00 PM       Gathering: Cathedral Thinking and Deep Time Exhibit

Speakers author Rick Antonson, poet Don McKay, independent curator Marnie Benney.

May 17: Day 2 Conference

9:00 AM       Welcome


9:15 AM       Panel : Deep Time reflected in Art

Panelists: Jonathon Latiano, Elena Soterakis, Marnie Benney, Moderator Julia Buntaine Hoel


10:15 AM     Talk. Hilairy Hartnett, PlanetWorks

Geologic Time   

11:15 AM     Break

11:45 AM     Panel: Survivability/Habitability

Panelists: Students from Provincetown Schools, Nicholas Paul Brysiewicz, Don McKay Moderator Richard Gifford, UN-certified Climate Change teacher

An "Age Diverse" panel of people talking about their future or what they want for their future

1:00 PM       Lunch

2:30 PM       Workshop: Selling Longtermism

Moderators Peter ter Weeme/Hilairy Hartnett

Workshop of art-sci collaboration.

3:45 PM       Break

4:00 PM       Panel: Knock, knock. Is anyone home?

Moderator Lance Gharavi

What do we say to Future Generations today? Who's listening? Let's talk to the Future: Role-playing a discussion with people who are living with our consequences.


5:15 PM       Closing Remarks

Takeaways, Goodbyes


7:30 PM       Closing Garden Party