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Broto: Greetings, Earthling! is a wrap

Happened May 15-16, 2021


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Here is what happened:


May 15: Day 1 Conference

Greetings, Earthling!

Nation states are hurdles to a global response to the climate crisis. What if, instead, we were Earthlings? 

Climate Castes

Society is stratified by classes -- geography, race, wealth, etc. How does that impact the climate crisis?   

Agency: Art as Civics Teacher

How can artists act as agents to address the real and imagined boundaries of our planet in relation to the climate crisis?

Existential Smackdown

3Qs, 4 experts: Anthropocentrism, Post-Naturism and Transhumanism.



May 16: Day 2 Conference


Flame Perishable

 What is our sense of morality and existence when the climate crisis looms as an existential threat.  

Inherited Trauma

Mental health, and trauma pasts, are intertwined with the human scale of climate response and climate resiliency. 

 The Seasons Alter

Renowned philosopher Philip Kitcher joins Broto for a conversation about conversation -- the climate conversation. I

 I am Nature

Ecological intelligence is a way to begin to bridge the nature-human divide. 


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