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Broto: Affinity

An expansive art-science collaboration conversation about aligning society with nature. 

Let’s reframe the Anthropocene to be about
‘interaction, not extraction’ of nature.

In art and in science, affinity is about closeness, alignment, rapport, mutual interest, attraction, symbiosis. How does art-climate-science collaboration bring clarity and new ideas to building mutually affirming society-nature symbiosis?

Free replays of our Broto: Deep Time conference
from May 2020 on our YouTube channel

New Urgency

New Ideas

New Boundaries

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Broto’s Affinity Conference happens Dec. 5 and 12, 2020

To what degree is society estranged from nature? And, does that have implications for climate? Broto: Art-Climate-Science's newest conference is "Affinity" -- exploring the nature-society partnership. We're examining ways to reframe the Anthropocene to be about...

Symbiosis art exhibit is now live

We've started to integrate art exhibits into our conferences and the Broto: Affinity conference is no different. Symbiosis, curated by Melissa Fleming, seeks to document the main themes of the December 2020 conference. Can we reframe the Anthropocene to be about...

Virtual Broto May 16-17: Free

Broto: Art-Climate-Science 2020 is ONLINE and FREE! April 20, 2020 (Provincetown, MA): Broto: Art-Climate-Science, Provincetown’s unique and third annual climate change conference, will take place entirely online May 16 and...

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