community focused on climate variability research and narrative

IntroductionThe study of climate variability has become one of the most important topics in recent years. A growing number of scientists, environmentalists and activists are focusing on understanding and narrating this problem, which has enormous consequences for the environment and human civilization. One such community is, which aims to explore

Read more... conference a place where scientists and artists inspire action on climate change conference the place where scientists and artists inspire action on climate changeThe conference is one of the most important events in the field of environmental protection and climate change action. Every year it brings together scientists, experts, politicians, artists and NGO representatives to share their knowledge, experience

Read more... conference and community for those who want to tackle climate variability conference and community for those who want to fight the problem of climate variabilityNowadays, climate variability is becoming a growing problem that requires comprehensive solutions. More and more often we hear about extreme weather events, such as storms, floods or prolonged droughts, which negatively affect our lives and the environment.

Read more... conference and community for those who want to take on the challenge of climate variability conference prepare for the challenge of climate conference is one of the most important events for those who want to take up the challenge of climate change and create sustainable solutions for the future of our planet. This community brings together scientists, entrepreneurs, activists and others empowering each other to


Annual meeting of scientists and artists at conference

Annual meeting of scientists and artists at conferenceIntroductionScientific and artistic conferences are an integral part of today's world. They offer a platform where scientists, artists and other experts can exchange knowledge, ideas and experience. One such event is the annual conference, which focuses on the topics of

Read more... online community to connect science and art in the context of climate change

IntroductionThe online community is an innovative platform that combines science and art to address the challenges of climate change. Today, as our planet faces serious threats such as global warming, sea level rise and deforestation, it is imperative to take action to protect the environment. aims to educate and mobilize communities


Inspire action and change through a scientific and artistic narrative of climate variability

  Inspiring action and change through a science and art narrative about climate variabilityIn the face of the growing problem of climate change, it is necessary to find effective ways to engage the community in actions to reduce the negative consequences of this phenomenon. A scientific and artistic narrative about climate variability can inspire

Read more... a meeting place for activists, thinkers and artists interested in climate change a space for activists, thinkers and is a unique place that brings together diverse people interested in climate change. It's a space where activists, scientists, thinkers and artists come together to share their ideas, experiences and seek inspiration and solutions to the most important environmental problems in the world today

Read more... conference and online community for people who see climate variability as a serious challenge

IntroductionNowadays, climate variability is becoming an increasingly serious problem that we have to face. Global warming, melting glaciers, extreme atmospheric events all affect our planet and humanity as a whole. Therefore, it is important that we not only take action, but also discuss the issue and involve as many people as possible. To this end, the


Combining the science of climate change with the art of's goal

Combining climate change science with art the goal of Broto.ecoClimate change science is one of the most important areas of research to understand complex climate processes and their impact on the planet. However, in order to communicate this important information to a wide audience, it is necessary to find innovative ways to attract attention and



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