a meeting place for activists, thinkers and artists interested in climate change a space for activists, thinkers and artists is a unique place that brings together diverse people interested in climate change. It's a space where activists, scientists, thinkers and artists come together to share their ideas, experiences and seek inspiration and solutions to the most important environmental problems in the world today.

Joint activities and projects offers a range of joint activities and projects. During meetings and workshops, participants have the opportunity for collaboration and creative dialogue. They can also realize project ideas that will be initiated within the meeting place. It is certainly a place where everyone can find something for themselves from social activism to developing an ecological culture.

Working together on climate change projects is key to achieving a greater impact on the planet. Ecological transformation requires activism on both a large scale and a local level. That's what we're trying to do at by bringing together various groups and individuals interested in climate change topics.

Meetings and discussions hosts regular meetings and discussions on climate change. Such events are an excellent opportunity to exchange views, learn about the latest scientific research and the experiences of others. It's also a moment to find support for your ideas, gain new contacts and create a community interested in the topic of climate change.

The power of meetings and discussions lies in creating an inspiring and educational atmosphere that fosters the exchange of knowledge and experience. These types of events activate and mobilize people, while providing opportunities to learn about different perspectives and approaches to environmental issues.

Education and training also aims to educate and train those interested in climate change issues. The space offers a range of workshops and trainings to expand knowledge in this area. Collaboration with experts and scientists in various fields enriches knowledge and enables the acquisition of practical skills necessary for environmental action.

Environmental education is a key element in understanding the complex problems of climate change and contributing to greater public awareness of ecology. Good preparation and acquired knowledge are invaluable in acting for sustainable development and protecting our planet.

Environmental art and culture is also a space for artists to express their views on environmental protection and climate change. Art can be a powerful tool to evoke emotions and spur action. Art works showcase the beauty of nature and the consequences of man's destructive actions, leading to reflection and thought.

The variety of artistic expressions from painting and sculpture to street art or performance highlights the importance of environmental protection and suggests alternative ways for humans to coexist with nature. Artistic creativity also provides an excellent opportunity to convey environmental knowledge in an accessible and attractive way.

Climate change as a challenge for all of us

Climate change is one of the most important challenges we face as a global community. We need to act together to reduce the negative effects of a warming climate. relies on collaboration, education and art as tools for change.

It's a place where everyone, regardless of their skills or experience, can get involved in the fight for a better future for our planet. By working together, we can influence political decisions, promote sustainable lifestyles, and push for real change for climate and environmental protection. is not only a meeting place, but also a symbol of community and solidarity in the fight for the future of our planet. We invite anyone interested to join us and become part of the movement for climate change for the sake of our future generation and the nature that surrounds us.


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