conference a place where scientists and artists inspire action on climate change conference the place where scientists and artists inspire action on climate change

The conference is one of the most important events in the field of environmental protection and climate change action. Every year it brings together scientists, experts, politicians, artists and NGO representatives to share their knowledge, experience and inspiration.

The event has been held for more than a dozen years and gathers an increasing number of participants from both home and abroad. The goal of the conference is to create a platform that allows the exchange of ideas and views and the creation of new initiatives and projects for environmental protection.

Vision of the conference

Artists, scientists and environmental activists come together at the Conference to exchange their experiences and knowledge about climate change and how to combat it. The organizers strive to make each edition of the conference as interdisciplinary and thematically diverse as possible.

The conference also aims to inspire participants to take action on climate change in their local communities. The organizers ensure that there will be something for every participant, whether they are interested in art, science, politics or social action.

Conference topics

The conference covers a variety of topics related to environmental protection and climate change. One of the highlights is the role of art and culture in combating climate change. Artists have the opportunity to present their works, which are often a form of protest and social mobilization.

Scientific presentations are also an important part of the conference, with experts from various fields sharing their research and findings. The topics of the presentations are diverse and include climate change, biodiversity conservation, renewable energy sources or responsible management of natural resources, among others.

In addition, the conference features panel discussions and workshops that allow interaction and exchange of ideas among participants. This allows networking and building partnerships between different communities.

Conferences and inspiration

The conference is not only a place to exchange knowledge and experience, but also a source of inspiration for participants. Meetings with scientists, artists and environmental activists provide an opportunity to look at the problem of climate change from different perspectives.

Many people, after returning from the conference, take action on climate change in their surroundings. Some get involved in local environmental projects, while others promote ideas related to ecology and sustainability in their professional communities.

The conference is also an opportunity to build cooperation between different sectors of society. Artists and scientists can work together to create projects that engage residents of different regions in addressing climate change.


The conference is a unique event that attracts scientists, artists, activists and people interested in climate change. It is a place where you can exchange knowledge and experience, find inspiration for environmental action or establish cooperation between different sectors of society.

Each edition of the conference is unique in terms of topics and speakers, which attracts participants from different fields. All those who attend the conference have a chance to gain new knowledge, find inspiration and build a network of contacts among those involved in climate change activities.


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