conference and online community for people who see climate variability as a serious challenge


Nowadays, climate variability is becoming an increasingly serious problem that we have to face. Global warming, melting glaciers, extreme atmospheric events all affect our planet and humanity as a whole. Therefore, it is important that we not only take action, but also discuss the issue and involve as many people as possible. To this end, the conference and online community was created.

What is all about? is an initiative that aims to bring together people from all walks of life who are aware of and want to act on climate change. The conference is held annually, while the online community runs throughout the year, allowing for continued discussion and collaboration among participants.

The goal of is to create a place where all interested parties can meet, exchange experiences and work together to solve problems related to climate change. The organizers are convinced that only collective efforts can bring positive results. conference

The conference has been held regularly for several years and has already brought together many well-known experts, scientists, social activists and business representatives. It is the place where the latest research is presented, problems solved, and innovative ideas for combating climate variability are put forward.

Each year, the conference focuses on different aspects of climate variability and other sectors that can make a difference. Past topics have included sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, green transportation and biodiversity conservation, among others.

During the conference, speakers share their knowledge and experience, conduct presentations, workshops and panel discussions. It is an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas, learn from professionals and network with others involved in the fight against climate variability. online community

Although the conference takes place only once a year, the online community is active all the time. It is an online platform where members can discuss, collaborate, share information and create projects related to climate variability.

The community features a number of thematic groups where members can discuss specific issues related to climate variability. These include groups focusing on urban ecology, the circular economy, adaptation to a changing climate and sustainable finance.

In addition, the platform provides webinars, online courses and educational materials to expand knowledge about climate variability and the environment. The community also provides an opportunity to connect with other people who have similar interests and want to work together to protect the planet.'s impact on the community

So far, the conference and online community have had a significant impact on developing environmental awareness and supporting environmental protection efforts. Thanks to these initiatives, many new projects have sprung up around the world, and many people have begun to act locally with an eye on global issues related to climate variability.

In addition, has become a platform where people from different backgrounds can meet, exchange experiences and inspire each other. For example, scientists from different fields can collaborate with each other and business representatives to develop innovative solutions.

What's more, helps highlight the connections between climate variability and other areas of life, such as the economy, health, education and culture. As a result, more and more people are realizing that climate variability is a problem that affects us all and that requires our collective attention.

Summary is an initiative that aims to mobilize people to fight climate variability and create a place where they can exchange knowledge and experiences. The conference and online community are excellent platforms for this purpose. Through them, we can act more consciously to protect our planet and increase our impact on reducing climate variability. More and more people are recognizing the importance of the issue and are getting involved in environmental protection efforts. contributes to this process by enabling networking and the exchange of ideas among different social groups. That is why this is an initiative that is of great importance for our future and the future of our planet.


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