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The study of climate variability has become one of the most important topics in recent years. A growing number of scientists, environmentalists and activists are focusing on understanding and narrating this problem, which has enormous consequences for the environment and human civilization. One such community is, which aims to explore knowledge about climate variability and share this knowledge with a wider audience.

History of was founded in 2018 in response to the growing need for quality information on climate change. The community's founders noticed that there is a large amount of scientific research and data on climate variability, but it is usually difficult for the average citizen to understand.

That is why has set itself the goal of transforming complex scientific content into more accessible and understandable forms. The community brings together scientists, climate change experts, but also writers, journalists and artists to work together on a narrative about this complex problem.

Purpose of

The main goal of is to educate the public about climate variability and its consequences. Understanding this issue is crucial so that we can take appropriate measures and changes to help protect our planet. aims to do this by providing credible information, analysis and scientific research to help people understand how climate change is affecting our daily lives, the environment and the future of our planet. The community also focuses on creating narratives that help influence public and political perceptions about climate variability.

Research is closely connected to science. The community collaborates with various scientific and environmental institutions, and also conducts research on climate change on its own. As a result, it has extensive knowledge and access to the latest information on the issue. studies various aspects of climate variability, such as sea level rise, temperature changes, extreme weather events, ecosystem degradation and many others. This research provides the community with knowledge about the causes and effects of climate change and possible solutions.

Environmental impacts

One of the most important aspects of climate variability is its impact on the environment. Changes in temperature, precipitation and sea levels have enormous consequences for biodiversity, endangered species, ecosystems and natural resources. analyzes these changes and seeks to understand what effects they have on different geographic areas and ecosystems. They also contribute to conservation and create innovative solutions to minimize the impact of climate change.

Impact on human civilization

Climate variability also has a huge impact on human civilization. Extreme weather events such as hurricanes, floods and droughts cause significant property damage, but also negatively affect human health and life. focuses on researching these impacts and reliably informing the public about the consequences of climate change for individuals, communities and countries. They also support efforts to protect people from these risks and adapt to changing climate conditions.

Climate variability narrative

One of the most important aspects of's work is the creation of a narrative on climate variability. The community brings together writers, journalists and artists who translate complex and abstract scientific issues into understandable and emotional stories.

Through their work, seeks to influence public and political perceptions about climate variability. Through emotional impact, the narratives created by aim to motivate people to act and make informed environmental decisions.

Summary is a community focused on the study and narrative of climate variability. Its goal is to educate the public, provide reliable scientific information and analysis, and influence public perception. conducts scientific research, investigates the impact of climate variability on the environment and human civilization, and creates narratives to motivate people to action.'s activities are essential in the face of the growing problem of climate change and the need to take effective protective measures.


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